This f**king job.

I’ve written issues of this newsletter for a while, first at TinyLetter and now here. And while I fight the urge constantly, the topic of my writing always comes back to this: being a journalist, and how I feel about being a journalist.

And so, I have retitled the newsletter to…the above headline. Because while I LOVE journalism and love my current position, “This fucking job…” is a thing I mutter to myself at least once a week. Because there’s just shit particular to writing-the-news that can, most definitely, drive you absolutely crazy.

All of this might strike you as phenomenally navel-gazey. It certainly strikes me that way (hence the whole “fighting the urge” thing).

But here’s the thing, dear reader: people hate journalists — everyone has an opinion on how we’re fucking up, and how we can/should do our jobs better — so I figured, hey…why not, as a proper journalist, explain how this job even goes?

I figured, why not write about this job, and at least let people see what goes into the latest three-minute/750-word story that you read and [take your pick] a) won’t think about again b) are angry about c) were genuinely informed by?

Anyway, subscribe, you beautiful animal.